Origami Moment Templates

This exercise offers a playful, informal methodology which encourages participants to pause momentarily in the middle of an exercise and play a game using a piece of origami. The origami game enables participants to ask each other questions about the nature and symbolism of clothing in their lives and in human life. It can be adapted for other questions on other topics that can range from the silly to the philosophical to the historical. 

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Blank Origami Moment Powerpoint presentation template

Blank Origami Moment PDF template

Origami Moments Completed Examples PDF 

This innovative Handbook has developed a contemporary response to questions of democracy, education, values and beliefs. It contains 6 strands with a range of creative methodologies designed for students in both primary and post-primary contexts. It also serves as a useful resource for initial teacher education students and teacher educators as well as CPD for teachers.

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The Enquiring Classroom Training Manual

Origami Moment Templates

Origami Moment_Blank PowerPoint template