Conference - Migration, Adaptation and Memory: 6th International Interdisciplinary Memory Conference
Call for papers - 
How do we remember and represent our migration experiences? Who is involved in these processes? How does history remember these events and experiences? What helps migrants and societies to adapt? The significance of these and related questions have made their way into our daily lives. From the refugee crisis to policy decisions, individual psychotherapy to (re)building identities, communities, and memories, this year's conference themes are ever-present. We strongly believe in the value of approaching these topics from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective, in order to engage various perspectives on these pressing issues we encounter today.
We are interested in all aspects of migration and adaptation experiences, in their individual and collective dimensions, in the past and in the present-day world. We would like to examine the role of memory, the processes of migrating and adapting to various dynamic life circumstances, across time, space, culture, language, and discipline. Click here for more>>

Educate Together  Ethical Education  - Lesson plan available

Humanist Association of Ireland and Educate Together have designed 10 lessons on Humanism for First and Second, Third and Fourth Class. For a copy or details of the materials e-mail

he LITTLE Project is being led by the Educate Together National Office in Ireland in partnership with three European partners; the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia; Educational provider Petit Philosophy in Croatia, and the Italian based Education Research organisation, STePs srl.

Key outcomes of the project (2016-2019) will include:

  • An exciting, engaging and accessible online course in methodologies and pedagogies for teachers of Ethical Education and related disciplines;
  • A Teacher’s Guide will build upon this course by guiding teachers in creating student and teacher led content in Ethical Education for integrated learning in all curricular areas;
  • A Policy Paper to raise awareness with policy-makers and decision-makers across Europe of how Ethical Education can contribute to inclusive pluralist societies.

For more information on this project please visit the dedicated website  

Training Days - Hunt Museum and Chester Beatty Library - Thanks to all
Our first round of training days have taken place in the Hunt Museum, Limerick and the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin. We would like to extend our thanks to both venues and their staff in supporting us and of course to all our participants for making both days so engaging. We have produced a short video of the day and uploaded some pictures, please view these here. 

Community Philosophy Training Graeme Tiffany/Maynooth University July 18-19th 2017
Graeme Tiffany in collaboration with Maynooth University will be leading a two day Community Philosophy training workshop on the 18th-19th July 2017. Maynooth is a short commute from Dublin City Centre and has a long history of engagement across the educational continuum and in the youth and social work sector. The workshop will cost €180 but please contact Graeme if this is a difficulty for you.​ 

Graeme will be working with Prof. Aislinn O’Donnell (Department of Education) on the organisation of this event. Aislinn is also part of the Philosophy Ireland network and has recently been collaborating with a small team from Philosophy Ireland and the Matt Talbot Community Trust to bring communities of philosophical enquiry into the prison context. This event is being part supported by the Faculty of Social Sciences in Maynooth University.

This is a really exciting opportunity for anyone engaged in education, youth work, social work, community activism, and the arts and philosophy. For more information please click here>>

Chester Beatty Library Workshop in Dublin, February 3rd 2018

A workshop to disseminate and share resources took place in the Chester Beatty Library on the 3rd Feb. The five strands were explored under task headings such as “Clothing and Assumptions”, “Icons, Attention and Acceptance”, “The Ordinary and the Everyday” and Moments of Stuckness and Perplexity. The day was a huge success and will have an immediate impact as educations take their learnings directly back to the classroom and incorporate in to curriculum planning.


Hunt Museum Workshop in Limerick, April 28th 2018

On Saturday April 28th in the Hunt Museum, Dr. Patricia Kieran and Prof. Aislinn O’Donnell from the Enquiring Classroom led a day long Workshop on the theme of Exploring Values, Beliefs, Identity and Belonging. This day long workshop attracted participants from many disciplines and locations within Ireland and included sessions on Pockets and Poetry: Discovering the Museum. In the morning there were guided tours of the museum focusing on the Human Figure in the Hunt collection. An interactive workshop on 800 Years of Fashion involved a sensory exploration of fabric and fashion, reflecting on the symbolic nature of clothing and fashion and its capacity to convey cultural values and embody complex belief traditions. A workshop on everyday rituals explored gestures, movement and moments that convey meaning. Afternoon workshops included a workshop on Saturnalia, a Boal exercise, the exploration of lived values and moments of Stuckness and Perplexity. 

Inter-belief dialogue and Belief Circles in Catholic Schools Workshop - October 7th

Dr. Patricia Kieran will be presenting this workshop at the National Congress in Religious Education on October 7th, 2017 begin held at St. Patricks College, Maynooth. 

This workshop explores the opportunities and challenges of dialogue about religions and beliefs in Catholic schools in Ireland. It will begin with a very brief overview of the rationale and nature of Inter-belief Dialogue (IBD) in Catholic schools. A number of key principles for respectful dialogue in Catholic schools in a modern multi-belief democratic society will be explored. Dialogue entails being empowered to understand and speak about one’s own tradition with confidence while simultaneously listening to and respectfully engaging with those of different conviction and learning. Key skills of empathy, perspective taking, curious engagement and sensitivity will be explored through the use of an innovative practical TEC classroom methodology called Belief Circles. Belief circles scaffold classroom discussion about what really matters to children of diverse faiths in a safe space.  The workshop will provide an opportunity for invited members of diverse belief and religious communities in Ireland to engage in a practical dialogue with congress participants as they talk about the opportunities and challenges of living their conviction or faith in contemporary Ireland. For more information on this event please visit the or the RE Congress Facebook page. 

Transforming Shadows Seminar - Venue: Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, 7th June 2017
Transforming Shadows Seminar – an Irish- Lebanon exchange project with young people as change makers in conflict transformation.
Join NYCI to meet the team involved in our Irish-Lebanon exchange, the young people, our Lebanese partners Al-Jana and invited speakers. Hear about the key messages the Irish change makers want to share with other Irish young people about tackling conflict in their lives, see what the young people can offer as workshops or presentations in your youth centres, explore creative processes in conflict transformation, and reinvigorate your own youth work practice working with young people in conflict. To find out more click here>>