Lovisa Bergdahl 

Lovisa Bergdahl is Senior Lecturer in philosophy of education. She is interested in the so called "the return of religion", exploring particularly into the values and dilemmas that this return seems to be causing in education. She is currently conducting the research project "Lived Values" financed by the Swedish Research Council (2015-2019). Taking its point of departure in what has become of the ‘fostering’ task of education in the knowledge society, the overall aim of the project is to develop an educational language for the fostering task of schools, that is, of the teachers’ role in the living on of liberal values and cultural heritage. 

Aislinn O'Donnell

Aislinn O'Donnell is Professor of Education in Maynooth University. Aislinn has developed a number of creative research and teaching projects that seek to introduce philosophy to settings like the prison, probation projects, and drug projects. She has an ongoing collaborative project in primary schools called Art and Philosophy in the Classroom  with gallery educator and curator, Katy Fitzpatrick and is a founding member of Philosophy Ireland. Aislinn is interested in exploring innovative and experimental approaches to teaching philosophy, fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue between philosophy and other subject areas, such as contemporary art, and developing pedagogical strategies to help us to reflect upon ethics, inclusion, diversity, and the global refugee crisis in educational institutions and society. Further information can be found here

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Aislinn O'Donnell
Stephanos Cherouvis

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Patricia Kieran 

Patricia Kieran teaches Education about Religions and Beliefs at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland. She is keenly interested in inter-belief dialogue and her current research focuses on the manner in which learners might explore deeply personal, complex and sensitive issues surrounding religions and beliefs in a multi-belief context. Her work focuses on teaching creatively, using religious artefacts in the classroom to explore complex religious themes, and on the representation of religions and beliefs in curricular programs. She has been a visiting ICUSTA Scholar to the University of Saint Thomas in Texas, USA and has published a number of books on religious pluralism in educational practice as well as inter-religious dialogue and Theology in an intercultural context.

Lovisa Bergdahl

Stephanos Cherouvis 

Stephanos Cherouvis has a background in Linguistics and Philosophy of Science and a long interest in open access (OERs) and technology-enhanced education. He has been involved in the implementation and research of online community building initiatives in education, in the framework of large-scale Horizon 2020 & Erasmus+ initiatives (Open Discovery Space, Inspiring Science Education, CREATIONS. He is a cautious enthusiast about the role of social media in education and all things human.