Strand 4 - Arts-Based Methodologies

Arts-based methodologies can offer inclusive strategies for expression, exploration and enquiry, not only for children who have another mother tongue as their first language, but for all children and young people because they offer a different material for thinking through ideas. 

The approach taken in this project will draw from ideas in contemporary art practice and from museum practice as well as other approaches like Forum Theatre in order to extend the range of possibilities for exploring ideas. This approach will be experimental, open and creative, dovetailing with the other approaches such as philosophical enquiry and lived values, to think about new ways of communicating experience and ideas, and of exploring them. Sometimes the arts will be mobilized as a stimulus for enquiry and discussion, and at other times students (and teachers) will be introduced to different practice and encouraged to explore other possibilities for thinking through questions and manifesting ideas. 

Examples of these practices might include: thinking about power through Augusto Boal’s exercises and then considering how one might intervene in the space of the school or the classroom to reveal the operations of power; or experiential exercises to awaken the senses to the qualities of matter; or creating a museum in a school bag, curated by children and young people, and filled with the objects most precious to them, perhaps holding the most important memories; or it could be taking an object and writing its autobiography. The point will be to make the familiar strange.